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  • I Just Stumbled Across Your Website

    ...I just stumbled across your website as I was researching information about formal wear, and I thought ‘that would be cool to try!' And it was. You cover things I didn't even know existed in menswear and there's no fluff, my program just gets straight to the point (I like that). I laughed when I saw that ultra low crotch pants were Superior for me - I think I'll give those a miss. Thanks again for making such a great program.

    Arun Datta
    Blockhouse Bay. New Zealand

  • I was Sceptical

    I was sceptical at first, but this program is really helpful.

    ...It's great to be able to have somewhere to go (besides mum or my girlfriend) to access help with my look. I particularly like the coordination sections; I'm realising just how bad I was at picking the right things. Well that's going to be behind me now, I hope.

    Darren Kelly
    Kardinya, WA. Australia

  • Personal style is more than just the aesthetics; it is a reflection of you as an  individual.

    It's an indicator of your self-esteem, confidence, status and success.

    To own a great image is to empower yourself with visual power. A power that even before you say a word has induced others to see as successful, attractive and someone worth knowing.

    When you look great, you'll feel great and people will notice and will treat you with respect. A personal great image also attracts opportunities both social and business that a man with a poor presentation will never receive.